Billionaire Richard Branson: Thanks His Lucky Stars After Horrific Bike Crash

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Billionaire Richard Branson Horrific Bike Crash
Billionaire Richard Branson Horrific Bike Crash

Billionaire Richard Branson went cycling with his children Holly and Sam training for the Virgin Strive Challenge several nights ago.

He was headed down a steep hill towards Leverick Bay when everything turned pitch black. He hit a hump on the road and the next thing he knew his life flashed before his eyes as his body was hurled over.

Branson found death imminent when he went flying head first on the cement. He was fortunate though that his cheek and shoulder took most of the impact. He was also wearing a helmet that saved his life, although he wished there was one which could also protect the rider’s side of the face. His bike went flying off the cliff and was shattered into pieces. Graphic images show how badly his cheek had been damaged, while his shoulder, knee, chin, and shoulder badly cut.

He bagan testing his movement soon after he realized he was still alive. To his amazement, he was not even paralyzed. Thankfully, his assistant Helen arrived on the scene coming back from vacation. He even had the sense of humour to tell her, “I’m alive! At least you’ve still got a job!”

One of his teammates, George, hurried from the bottom of the hill and the team got him back home and patched him up. He had to travel to Miami for a series of scans and x-rays. He was lucky because aside from a few torn ligaments and a cracked cheek, he’s well enough to complete next month’s Virgin Strive Challenge. Apparently, what he found most difficult was drinking tea from a straw and being called the elephant man by his six year old child.

Billionaire Richard Branson realized he had more than luck on his side when this incident happened. He also knows it doesn?t matter how many times you fall, but how many times you get back on.

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