Bill Nye: When Does An Egg Becomes a Baby?

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bill nye the science guy
bill nye the science guy

The Science Guy, Bill Nye, argues that most anti-abortion legislation is derived from outdated beliefs that predate smart science by fifty centuries. He used science to debunk the idea that life begins at conception. Conveying his ideas via an educational video, the 59-year-old science educator urges lawmakers to ‘stop telling women what to do with their bodies’ and consider the scientific facts behind reproduction.

He tried to answer the anti-abortion activists? argument that abortion ends a human life by the simple termination of an embryo or fetus. Bill threw back a question by expounding on the fact that a great number of eggs are fertilized by the sperm yet these did not progress into becoming humans due to a lot of factors such as failing to attach to a woman’s womb. So is challenge for the anti-abortion activist is to answer the issue about who to blame once a fertilized egg failed to develop.

In his crusade to debunk anti-abortionist logic with science, Bill Nye has a passionate plea to lawmakers: ‘Stop telling women what to do with their bodies. And so when it comes to women?s right with respect to their reproduction, I think you should leave it to women.?

He urges politicians to consider the facts, for the most part, those that are already proven by science and abandon the outdated beliefs their laws are based on something that was believed by leaders several thousand years ago.

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