Bill Gates Played Secret Santa To A Lucky Redditor; See What She Received From Him

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Bill Gates Became A Redditor?s
Bill Gates Became A Redditor?s

Secret Santa is a holiday staple all over the world. The thrill of anticipation from what you get and from whom is a classic everywhere.?However, oftentimes you?d probably just expect a small trinket from some random person in the office whose name you still can?t pronounce right. But this wasn?t the case for Redditor Aerrix who learned that her Secret Santa was none other than Microsoft co-founder and billionaire, Bill Gates.

Billion Dollar Secret Santa

Redditor Aerrix one day found a mysterious package dropped by her home. Upon opening the package, she learned that it came from none other than Bill Gates himself!

Upon opening the package, a letter from Bill Gates could be seen, and a photo of the man himself holding it was in it as well.

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Even though there is photographical proof, it’s still pretty hard to believe. But lucky for us, the good guys at IGN has gone and contacted Gates? representatives to confirm whether the grand story was real or not. And surprisingly, it was!

The package was authentic and it?s been revealed that Gates has been joining Reddit?s Secret Santa Program for a few years now.

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Bill Gates’ loot bag

Now on to the best part of the story, the presents! So what does billionaire Bill Gates have in store for Aerrix? Aerrix detailed in her post that she received an Xbox S Minecraft edition accompanied with three Xbox One controllers.

She also received a second console, the most sold out console of the season, the Nintendo NES Classic edition! And to top things off, she also received a pair of matching mittens for her and her dog, Claire.

This girl definitely won Secret Santa lottery of the year. We don?t know about you guys but we?re definitely joining this Reddit Secret Santa program, too!?

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