Bigshots in the tech industry are starting a fund to prevent another Heartbleed incident

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The Heartbleed incident has been a major headache for everyone. This is both a good and bad thing. The bad thing about it is that it has put a lot of companies at risk and has compromised a lot of personal and very sensitive data. On the other hand, the good thing is that it has put the spotlight in protecting open source code, the code that anyone can use for free that is often overused but seriously under protected. It goes against common sense that these tools are not properly given the due attention that it needs and the Heartbleed incident was the major catalyst in letting everyone know just how important it is to safeguard open source code.

Because of this, Major players in the tech industry like Google, Intel, and Facebook have started to pool money together to fix a major security flaw in the cyber world so that there are no more similar Heartbleed incidents. This multimillion dollar fund is a directive to protect open source code.

Chris DiBona, the director of open source at Google had this to say: ?I think we got a little too comfortable as a community of software developers, and we shouldn’t be. We should really pay way more attention to the quality of our security software and of these core bits?.

This is a major wakeup call for all the tech companies as well as a big slap in the face. As some people like Chris have admitted, even the most established of companies can also have lapses. Open source software is very important to tech firms but they have just taken it for granted and have been using it for free without a care in the world. In the case of the Heartbleed incident, it was OpenSSL, the service used by the majority of websites to send encrypted data safely between servers and users that was exploited. Funny thing is, Google and all other major companies spent virtually nothing to help maintain and upkeep this software.

With this new directive, here?s hoping that there is a better spotlight put on the importance of open source software so that there are no more Heartbleed incidents in the future.

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