The Big Twist in The Conjuring 2 That You Didn?t Notice

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If you haven?t seen The Conjuring 2 but plan to see it soonest, we suggest that you close this window now because this article contains major spoilers.

The Conjuring 2 starts out with the husband and wife team of paranormal investigators, Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), documenting the Amityville murders. Sitting with the Lutz family in the dining room, they want to find out if the paranormal activities being experienced by the Lutz Family were in any way connected to demonic entities and the murders that took place a year earlier in the same house.

Through a s?ance, Lorraine goes back a year earlier and revisits the night Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered his family. Lorraine then meets a demonic creature in the form of a nun, and then sees an image of a man dying.

Three years later, Lorraine, through a vision, encounters the same evil nun inside her house and sees the same vision of a man being impaled by a large wooden spike. Only this time, the man has a face: Ed?s.

The Warrens then find themselves in the Hodgson family home in Einfeld, England to investigate the case of a girl who is being possessed by the spirit of an old man. Toward the end of the movie, Lorraine and Ed discover that the old man is just being used by the demonic nun?the same evil spirit that Lorraine encountered in Amityville and at her home?to torment the little girl and Lorraine and Ed.

While the movie was good in pulling out the scares at the right moments, it left movie-goers with one big question: ?is the demonic nun?the central villain of the movie?following the Warrens around?

In his interview with io9, the film?s director, James Wan, explains how everything unfolded in the movie:

?Believe me, I was wondering if anyone was going to ask me that. So far I?ve managed to get away scott-free,? Wan said. ?Damn you, Germain. But I will kind of explain my reasoning behind that.?

?When she?s at Amityville? It?s not like she?s haunted by a ghost at Amityville, she?s having a premonition of what?s going to happen to her husband in the near-future,? Wan said.

?That?s all it is. So she?s seeing what?s going to happen at the end of the movie. The demonic entity that takes on the form of a nun has got nothing to do with Amityville. At all. She?s just having a psychic premonition.?

How about that scene in the Warren house when Lorraine sees the nun again, this time, coming out of the painting that her husband Ed did? Apparently, Lorraine in this scene is not being haunted by the evil spirit. According to James, she is having yet another premonition of what?s going to happen.

In the same i09 interview, James revealed another The Conjuring 2 trivia: the demonic nun was only added in reshoots. James said he only thought about it post-production.

?I had a strong outlook on the whole movie, but the one thing I wasn?t quite sure of [was the design of the demon character],? Wan said. ?I felt like I was still discovering it. And believe it or not, I always knew that I was going to do additional photography. So I was saving it because I was hoping I?d discover what that thing would look like as I was putting the movie together in post-production.?

?I think it speaks to the filmmaking process,? Wan added. ?That it?s such a discovery process. Sometimes you see things, sometimes they?re discovered along the way.?

According to BoxOfficeMojo, The Conjuring 2 has raked in $49,521,805 ?in the US box-office and an estimate of $51,500,000 worldwide, as of June 14, 2016.

Here?s the chilling trailer of The Conjuring 2:


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