Big Hero 7 Updates: X-Men Has A Strong History With Tadashi, To Play Crucial Role In The Film?

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As everyone excitedly waits for the new installment of Big Hero titled Big Hero 7, more and more information about the possible characters and scenes about the film are starting be unraveled. This is despite the production team behind the much anticipated movie keeping mum on the details of the seventh installment of the franchise film.

So what have we gotten so far?

Rumor has it that Big Hero 7 will be highlighting the return of Tadashi as Sunfire. This is on top of speculations that X-Men might be included in the forthcoming movie. Meanwhile, creator Stan Lee found himself a little bit confused of the possible crossover. He even said in an interview that he has some reservations on pushing the film with a crossover that will take place.

According to Toronto Sun, Lee said that he is clueless on how the people behind the movie will make their next move, especially that all of their films have its own identity and storyline. He said that after Ant-Man, they started to work on Doctor Strange, the Black Panther, The Inhumans, the return of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Avengers and Captain America, aside from Big Hero 7.

However, it should be noted that nothing has been confirmed about the rumors circulating recently especially the possible comeback of Tadashi in the franchise movie. This is despite strong assertions of several reports that it will be happening. There are also theories provided by other netizens that ?prove? X-Men to be part of Big Hero 7.

According to one report, there has been a long standing history which involves Sunfire and X-Men. This is one of the reasons why many people believe that the crossover will be happening in the upcoming show, which might feature the linkage between the two characters. The theory speculated that Sunfire was recruited by Professor Xavier after the latter bid goodbye on the previous show. Then, Sunfire and X-Men will be teaming up to battle enemies like Moses Magnum.

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