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Big Hero 7 Rumors: Tadashi Is Alive With New Powers? Grim Plot, Possible Release Date Revealed!

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A Big Hero 7 imminent after a bunch of new dark painted toys from the series were outed by Bandai. Reports also say that the sequel may release around 2017 and 2019 with Hiro?s brother, Tadashi, being resurrected with powers of his own.

The Big Hero 6 sequel, dubbed by fans as Big Hero 7, might be making an appearance at the Disney expo this 2015 after Idlehands?leaked grim black colored action figures of all characters from the franchise. The site speculates that the repaint may only mean a new cartoon series to tide audiences before the sequel, but we believe that the toys may actually be a hint for their upcoming movie.

All action figures from Baymax to Fred are painted with heavy black hues. This theme may actually hint a dark tone for the sequel. Tadashi is rumored to appear as a villain in Big Hero 7 and the theme may actually hint Hiro?s struggle to fight his beloved brother. A fight between the two brothers certainly looks to be dark and emotional, necessitating less lively colored costumes to reflect the overall theme.

Baymax action figure.

Baymax action figure. Photo courtesy of Idlehands.

Hiro Action figure

Hiro action figure. Photo courtesy of Idlehands.

Fred action figure

Fred Action figure. Photo courtesy of Idlehands.

Tadashi Resurrects as Villain With Plasma Power

Tadashi is rumored to have survived the fire accident as he gained new abilities to protect himself from harm, Movie Pilot reported. Baymax also frequently said ?Tadashi?s here? after the accident, this may mean that Hiro?s brother is still literally alive.

Instead of being killed, Tadashi becomes Sunfire, a mutant who absorbs heat and turns it into plasma, Movie Pilot reported. Sunfire is a member of the original Big Hero 6 team. Tadashi might be possessed at first, forcing Hiro and his team to fight him.

Big Hero 7 Release Date?

The Big Hero 6 sequel was dropped by Marvel Comic Book creator Stan Lee in an interview this year. He said that the film would be releasing after Marvel?s Inhumans, Toronto Sun reported. ?After Ant-Man, we?re going to start playing around with Doctor Strange, the Black Panther, the Inhumans, and then we have to come back for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Big Hero 6, The Avengers, Captain America?,? Lee said.

This may mean that Big Hero 7 may be releasing around 2017 and 2019 as GOTG 2 releases in May 2017, Black Panther in 2018, and Inhumans in 2019.

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