Big Hero 7 Release Date Confirmed? Plot, Cast & What We Know So Far

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Big Hero 7

Disney movies are full of innovation and morals you can pick up from each story. The Big Hero 6 was a big hit for the company with a whopping revenue of $657 million. It is planning to release Big Hero 7 next year. Big Hero revolves around the robotic character and his maker and the rest of the characters to develop the storyline.

The Big Hero 7 is speculated to be released between 2017 and 2019. Although fans have to wait for their favorite Disney movie, it is going to be worth it. Here is what we know so far.

Big Hero 7 Plot Revealed

Indeed the movie isn?t confirmed, but its director and writer, Chris Williams and Don Hall, left no clues for the plot of their upcoming sequel. Both Don and Chris disclosed that Baymax is not an ordinary bot as he is meant to be loved and his only purpose is to secure humanity and love humans. ?

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It is speculated that Tadashi was not burned in the fire during the first film and he?s going to return in the sequel to take revenge from his own brother, Hiro. The upcoming movie is going to pit Hiro against his elder brother versus the desire to be with him. Similarly, Baymax is also going to be confused whether he would choose his original creator?s side or to stand against him.

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Big Hero 7

Dynamic Cast to Voice the Characters

Although, there are lots of speculation regarding the cast and new team, the new cast is going to add a charm into the voices. Ryan Potter will be the voice of Baymax and Hiro while Daniel Henney is selected to voice Tadashi a.k.a. Sunfire.

Comic legend Stan Lee even hinted that the movie will be started after the completion of The Guardians of The Galaxy 2. The comic star even revealed the storyline that both the brothers are going to face each other and Tadashi?s big brother instincts will save Hiro.

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