Big Hero 7 Release Date And Plot: Tadashi?s Comeback Confirmed? Will Play The Role Of Villain?

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Produced by Walt Disney Big Hero 6 was definitely one of the best 3D animation films? made in recent times. And after the success of BH6, now the studio is back with Big Hero 7 which will have a much more intriguing plot and story.

According to Cross Map, speculations are rife that the sequel will highly evolve around Hiro’s brother Tadashi who is believed to come back from the grave possessing great powers.

The film is written and directed by Chris Williams and Don Williams. Talking about the development on the film the duo said, ?”These are characters that we’ve grown to know very well, now it’s time to let go of them, and they’re going into the world without us. We’re in the middle of that phase. So we haven’t talked about or thought about any sequels or anything like that. Having said that, of course, we love these characters and the thought of working with them again someday definitely has its appeal,? reported Cross Map.

There are also rumors spreading that Disney will start working on Big Hero 7 right after The Guardians of the Galaxy 2; in which case, we might see a 2018 release date for Big Hero 7, four years after the premier of Big Hero 6.

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While there is no confirmation on the date and the year of release, Master Herald?states that it could come out in cinemas from June 2017 up to 2019.

The report further states that the sequel shall will feature leads Baymax and Hiro Hamada, voiced by Ryan Potter, but the storyline shall focus on Tadashi Hamada, voiced by Daniel Henney.

It is also stated that Tadashi is likely to become the villain Sunfire and he will battle against the Big Hero 6 because he lost his human memories when he nearly died in the fire during the science expo shown in Big Hero 6.

Well we are sure Big Hero fans all over are waiting for the sequel to return as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates.

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