Big Hero 7 Needs a Great Story to Push Through According to Co-Director Chris Williams

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Big Hero 6 was launched on the big screen in 2014. It turned out to be a very successful movie. Reports claim that its massive coup was actually an unexpected one for Disney. It looks like the film has earned more at the box office than the entertainment conglomerate anticipated. Could a Big Hero 7 be in the making?

Aside from its huge profit, Big Hero 6 has been recognized as the Best Animated Feature during the 87th Annual Academy Awards. The award was received by co-directors Chris Williams, Roy Conli, and Don Hall.

It has been recently speculated that Big Hero 6 is going to have a sequel. The news did not come as a surprise for many fans given the success of the first film. Nevertheless, the majority are excited to see the next movie.

Disney has not yet officially confirmed that Big Hero 6 will have a sequel. However, several sources are claiming that a sequel is sure to happen and it is going to be titled Big Hero 7.

Chris Williams on Big Hero 7

According to Williams, the much awaited sequel will happen if they come across a great story. It could be safe to assume that the co-director wants nothing but the best for the audience. The filmmaker further stated that it is not going to be a great film without a great story. Williams insisted that the crew should work on a great plot. Ultimately, the director said the audiences deserve a great story.

Despite the fact that the film has not been officially confirmed by Disney yet, speculations about its plot are non-stop. In fact, spoilers have been circulating on the internet since last year.

Speculations claim that Tadashi Hamada will be back. Those who have already seen Big Hero 6 can recall that there was an explosion and many thought that Tadashi died in it. However, several sources claim that Tadashi is still alive.

Many are anticipating Tadashi?s return in the Big Hero 6?s supposed sequel. But if he will be back, it seems like he is not going to be the same person. Rumors claim that the explosion has turned him into Sunfire and so he will be back as such. To be updated about Big Hero 6 sequel updates, tune in at TheBitbag.

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