Big Hero 7 Movie Hinted in Kingdom Hearts 3? Sora to team-up with Baymax against Dark Baymax

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Disney?s acquisition of Marvel is finally being felt in Kingdom Hearts 3 as Marvel?s world of Big Hero 6 was announced for the game at Disney?s D23 expo. This means players will be able fight together with the adorable health-care companion, Baymax. The game will be following the events of the first film, which implies that this may be fans? first taste for the rumored Big Hero 7 movie.

A concept art showing Sora atop Baymax?s back fighting against a Dark Baymax was shown. [Spoiler!] KH3 Producer Shinji Hashimoto said Sora and Baymax will be fighting the Baymax who was left in the portal.

?The story will take place after the events of the film. After Hiro and the gang have formed the heroic team. Not only will this allow us to explore all new adventures focused on great action, but we?ll also get to see Baymax again,? Hashimoto said in a video release.

The character design of Baymax in the shown character art resembles the dark colored outfits of the cartoon figurines that was shown by Idle Hands. We previously speculated that the darkened costumes might have been for the Big Hero 7 film as the costumes may represent the story?s dark tone. This might still be the case as the Big Hero 6 sequel may continue upon the events in KH3.

Baymax action figure

Baymax figure from Bandia. ?Idle Hands

How Does Big Hero 6 Fit In Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is well-known for including established Disney characters including Micky Mouse and Donald Duck. Classics such as Mulan and popular flicks such as the Pirates of the Carribean have already made it into the franchise before.

Square Enix including the world of Big Hero 6 isn?t surprising because of the film?s success as well as the similar themes that they have with KH. The Big Hero 6 world will be using the fictional city of San Fransokyo.

?The themes in Kingdom Hearts and Big Hero 6 match very well. For instance there?s friendship [which is] really important to both stories. And then of course, light over darkness,? Hashimoto said.

Here are the confirmed worlds so far for Kingdom Hearts 3 according to Game Informer:

  • Big Hero 6
  • Tangled
  • Hercules
  • Twilight Town

Will we soon get an Avengers or a Star Wars world in KH3?

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