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Big Chicken Viral Video A Hoax? This Video Has The Answer

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Big Chicken

Over the weekend, Twitter users found a video that really scared the hell out of them. It features a massive chicken that somehow indicate how these animals are related to dinosaurs. And for those who are thinking that the video was fake, think again because it is definitely not. You can watch it right here on this article.

The clip first aired on Twitter and it surely did not go unnoticed by users of the platform. Of course, not everyone believed it to be true considering its humongous size. However, according to CNN, it is definitely not fake and how it is “like the final boss in a video game” as it walks out of its coop. Also, details about the chicken’s breed have already surfaced online proving how real this big chicken is.

First, the clip belongs to a guy named Fitim Sejfijaj, who also seems to be the owner of the big chicken. He uploaded the video to the Facebook group Shpeztaria Dekorative. Obviously, it has spread across the internet like wildfire and as questions about the legitimacy of the chicken surfaced online, the netizens also have the answer for all of it.

What Is This Big Chicken?

According to Mashable, the enormous fowl belongs to the chicken breed called Brahma, also known as the “King of all poultry.” They are famous for reaching 13-14 pounds and that is only for the female ones. The males, on the other hand, could grow up to 18.25 pounds. Livestock Conservancy also revealed that the breed was originally “developed in America from very large fowls imported from China.” It was also stated that during the 20th century, those kind of fowls was the most in-demand meat breed in the United States.

Now, the same CNN report mentioned that the big chicken has all the characteristics of the Brahma breed. Apparently, only few in this generation has the knowledge about Brahma chickens, which is the main reason why they were so surprised to see the huge fowl. But because of the clip, they are now aware of the breed’s existence.

These facts about the big chicken are good proofs that the clip is not fake. Although some are still hesitant to believe it, others have already accepted that this kind of fowl really does exist in this world. Hopefully, these huge chickens will not start some kind of apocalypse in the future.  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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