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Big Brother UK 2016 Video: Marco & Laura Sex On Air Sparks Audience Outcry

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Fans of Big Brother UK 2016 were left in shock after witnessing a ?scandalous? scene involving housemates Marco Pierre White Jr. and Laura Carter. Fans were scandalized as the two appeared to be having sex on a live telecast of the reality show, which was later confirmed by Carter.

Last weekend, fans of the reality show got angry after what White and Carter did on the sofa, which eventually led them to going to their room where some believed they had sex. White was all over Carter during their sexy scene on the sofa, there was even a scene where Carter?s breast was exposed while her male housemate was kissing it. Here, check out the photos.

Furthermore, contrary to what other?s might think that Carter would deny that she and White had sex, the female housemate admitted it to one of their fellow housemates, Lateysha, during the latest episode of Big Brother UK 2016. ?When we were in bed together the other night, we had sex,? she said. ?It wasn?t full blown sex, but we had sex basically. Straight after it happened he said, ?Oh my God! What?s my family and fiancee going to say?? I was like, ?You can?t say this now.? I think he feels guilty,? Carter further elaborated.

What really disturbed the fans is White making out with Carter on live television despite having a fiancee, who he probably knows was watching at home. In line with that, the audience of the reality show was quick to bring their reactions to the social networking site, Twitter.

?Is bb [Big Brother] trying to bring my dinner back up showing the awfulness that is marco and laura #BBUK,? said a fan. ?The marco & Laura sex show is really making me want to vomit,? wrote another.

It was not just the fans who spoke about the kissing incident, because even White?s fiancee, fashion designer Kim, also expressed her feelings on Twitter.

Prior to Kim?s statement, it can be recalled that White told Carter that he and his fiancee have an ?open kind of thing? relationship, as reported by Daily Mail. However, Kim tweeted on Sunday to clarify what her fiance has announced on national television. ?Fyi I said #hallpass NOT open relationship. I don?t watch bb, but I heard this today. Worst thing I can?t even talk to him,? Kim wrote. ?Yes guys, I?m Marco?s fiancee. I just wanted to put a few facts straight, that?s all? #bbuk #bbmarco,? she added.

It seems like it is going to be a tough week for White and Carter in the Big Brother UK 2016. Let us all wait and see what the management would do to address the issue. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The show airs on Channel 5 at 10 p.m. United Kingdom time.

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