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‘Big Brother’ Season 18 Cast Revealed: 5 Early Favorites & Their Details

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As Big Brother 18 sets to premiere next week, its contestants are already revealed and it is probably the most diverse set of participants the reality show has ever featured. As fans get a glimpse about each of the contestants? life through a recent interview, let us pick five houseguests who seem to have the most interesting background and have the potential to be fan-favorites.

In a recent interview with the show?s sweetheart Jeff Schroeder, the fans had the chance to know more about each of the new houseguests, and with that, it has already been revealed who among the 12 contestants have the ability to capture the audience?s hearts all throughout their stay in Big Brother?s house. But before we discuss that, here is the list of all the new houseguests in Big Brother 18:

  • Paul Abrahamian (23, California)
  • Glenn Garcia (50, New York)
  • Victor Arroyo (25, Louisiana)
  • Paulie Calafiore (27, New Jersey)
  • Jozea Flores (25, New Jersey)
  • Corey Brooks (25, Dallas)
  • Tiffany Rousso (32, Florida)
  • Michelle Meyer (23, Michigan)
  • Bridgette Dunning (24, California)
  • Zakiya Everette (24, North Carolina)
  • Natalie Negrotti (26, New Jersey)
  • Bronte D?Acquisto (26, California)

Now that you already know the names of this season?s contestants as well as their age and current hometown, let us move forward to discussing the five houseguests who can possibly be the fan-favorites.

  • Paulie Calafiore

According to Budget TV, he is all about being a fun dude. If he delivers, then he can immediately be a fan-favorite, because who would not want a fun guy, right? Also, he is former houseguest Cody Calafiore?s brother. He is very sociable, which might help him to gain the trust of other players at the house and make his way all the way to the end of the show.

  • Tiffany Rousso

She is also a sister of a former contestant, Vanessa Rousso, which could help her capture the hearts of every audience. Obviously, those who loved her sister will support Tiffany and that could definitely help her campaign to win this season. Unlike her sister, she would try to be less emotional. Lastly, Tiffany has no plan of telling everybody about her relationship with Vanessa but once asked, she would not lie about it.

  • Glenn Garcia

He is the oldest among all players. At age 50, he has already a daughter and currently engaged to her girlfriend. However, although the lady contestants? ages are literally half of his, he told Jeff Schroeder that he is open to flirting to win. Glenn also revealed that sometimes he gets into trouble because of his mouth, so he is going to try to contain himself from talking a lot.

  • Victor Arroyo

During the past seasons of the Big Brother, hunks really turned to be a fan-favorite, and this could also be the case for this Puerto Rican. Aside from his looks, he is also a boss on his job, which will give him the edge on dealing with different kinds of people. He wants to flirt with as many ladies as he can but he shared that he cannot backstab someone he has a relationship with.

  • Zakiya Everette

The pre-school teacher from North Carolina is possibly the most innocent among the other new houseguests, as described by Budget TV. She also seems to be trusting and she revealed that she is open to a showmance. She is not afraid to speak her mind, so expect some outbursts from her though she seems sweet.

There you have it. Five of the possible fan-favorites of Big Brother 18. You can also share your thoughts about who will capture the hearts of the audience in the comment section below. The new season of the reality show will premiere June 22 on CBS at 8 p.m.

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