Big Brother Jury House: Paulie Gets Thrown into the Lion’s Den as He Reconciles with Da’Vonne, Bridgette and Zakiya

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Big Brother Jury House

There is no welcome to be had in the Big Brother Jury House for Paulie. Prior to his arrival, some girl power bonding had glued Da?Vonne, Bridgette and Zakiya to sisterhood as they waited for their new housemate. Bridgette and Zakiya had a beef to settle with the least favorite housemate, and they are eager to let him know.

In only a matter of seconds, Paulie has walked into a lion?s den. Soon enough, he is calling the girls catty and petty, and shortly after he is called out for how he treats women. It?s cringe-worthy to watch him try to hold it together as he?s provoked to lash out in defense. But with each childish quip he releases to Day and Bridgette, the less likeable he becomes on TV.

Zakiyah, who at first declared that all she wanted to do was eat popcorn while the events unfold before her, in the end tells Paulie, ?We?re out of the house and you?re still a bitch.?

Big twist

The story really lies in a big twist this week. Turns out that all 4 in the jury house, together with the latest evictee, Victor, will have a chance to go back inside the house, if they win an endurance challenge. The clincher is that whoever is left standing among the jury in the end earns his/her spot back in the house. But, the current housemates would be doing the challenge as well, and for them, whoever is left standing will be HoH and therefore safe for a week.

On the other hand, if a jury is the overall last man/woman standing in the challenge, that person does not only go back to the house, but would also be HoH and therefore earns safety from the next elimination.

The ousted five returns to the house for a happy reunion with the housemates, before heading off to the backyard to battle it out in the challenge called Welcome to Loch Mess.

Find out who goes back in the house and who gets to be the next HoH in The Bitbag.


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