Big Brother Episode 32 Part 2: Paul Sacrifices Himself, Agrees to Be Nominated for Eviction

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The tension continues in Big Brother?s house. Paul, Victor, Nicole and Corey team up. ?Paul says that wherever the four of them have landed, they have always been loyal to the other. He has always had Victor?s back, just like Nicole had Corey?s. But James, Natalie and Michelle have always been shady. Paul and Victor try to make a deal with Nicole and Corey, but Nicole is doubtful.

?It?s easy for you guys to work with us this week, but then go and pack up and work with them the next week,? she voices out her concern. ?We just don?t want to get burned the way you guys got burnt.?

Victor says he understands that Nicole just doesn?t want them to hop ship later. ?We don?t want to get burned again later by you guys.?

This led Nicole to think that the four of them would probably be the best final four.

When she asked for Corey?s advice, he says that he thinks James lied to people?s face and recalled that he sent Zakiya home. James had also pissed Paulie off and sent him packing as well. Zakiya and Paulie were their other two best friends in the house. Ultimately he?s someone clearly not to be trusted.

On the other hand, Nicole wants Michelle out. She also wants James and Paul to keep going at each other. She wants the final four to be her, Corey, Paul and Victor. But she also made a deal with James that she wants to keep.

Corey gets Big Brother Special Package

A further twist presents itself when the Big Brother special package went to Corey instead of Victor or Paul. The special package gives Corey the power to bribe anyone with $5k. The bribe can be made publicly or in secret, and he doesn?t even have to reveal the bribe.

This worries Paul that in the end, because Nicole is HOH and now Corey has an ace up his sleeve. The couple may not need him and Victor anymore. So when Nicole presents them with a plan to nominate him and Michelle for eviction in order to calm James and Natalie, Paul agrees. He?ll be the pawn just to show that Nicole can trust him, and therefore cementing their plan to be the show?s final four.

On nomination day, Michelle?s name comes up along with Paul?s, and the wheels are set in motion.

Find out who gets evicted in the next episode of Big Brother here at TheBitbag.

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