Big Brother Episode 32 Part 1: Alliances Form as Nicole Becomes New HoH

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Big Brother 18

The last episode of Big Brother 18 found the jury and house guests up against a wall in an endurance challenge called The Loch Mess. Victor, who had hoped to hold on to the wooden plank last to ensure immunity from the week?s eviction, couldn?t hold on to the wall long enough. But it secured his return to the house with Paulie?s fall.

On the other hand, Nicole and James were left battling it out for HOH post. With James who?s used to winning Big Brother challenges, Nicole tried a damsel in distress tack of wanting to hear from her family since she?s the only one who hasn?t ever received a letter. She wanted to be in touch with her mom particularly. James ended up giving in to her drama, but not without a deal of keeping him and Natalie safe from eviction that week. Nicole agrees.

With Nicole in power this week, Natalie, Michelle and James are uneasy. Natalie in particular is worried that Nicole won?t keep the deal. Michelle, on the other hand, knows she?s going to be in trouble and would definitely be up for eviction, since she?s the one who put Corey up the last time. She?s also aware that Nicole won?t put Paul up for nomination because she has noticed that the two have become close in the past week, so she?s assuming that it will be her and Victor who would be nominated in the end.

Nicole confused, Paul confident

James says in the confession room that while he?s aware that he has broken deals before, he trusts Nicole because all season long they have told each other that they had each other?s backs. ?I just hope it doesn?t come and bite me in the butt,? he said.

James tells Natalie that that he has voted Victor out of the house instead of Corey, and he has given up the Big Brother challenge that he could?ve easily won so Nicole can get her letter, and with these deeds, he hopes that Nicole would keep her word.

Nicole, on the other hand, now all dry and safe in the house, says that she needs to decide if she?s going to honor the deal or not.

Paul is confident and happy that Nicole is HOH because he has been investing in her the past week by cozying up to her. He hopes that this week he?ll be safe and would even have a say in this week?s nomination.


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