Big Brother Episode 31: Paul-Victor Power Duo Breaks Up Breaks Up as Victor Gets Eliminated

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If there?s anything worth commending in Big Brother Episode 31, it?s the genuine friendship that has formed between power duo Victor and Paul. They have formed an unbreakable bond, that Natalie and Michelle voted for each of them to be evicted.

Paul wouldn?t accept the allegations towards him though, and worked on defending his good name by confronting everyone and asking them why they think he?s a liar.

?If you?re gonna put me on the block, at least have factual evidence against me,? he said. Because of this bold move, he won the group?s veto, but that left Victor in the bottom two. Michelle voted for Corey to replace Paul on the unfortunate block, but Paul is not about to let his man, Victor, leave the house.

Power duo

In an attempt to save Victor, Paul devised a plan to divide the group. At stake is James? vote since Nicole would obviously keep her boy toy in the house, and Paul would vote for Victor. The plan was for Paul to make a show of teaming up with Nicole and Corey and making sure that James, Natalie and Michelle sees it so that they become paranoid. Victor would then try to get into their good side by calling their attention to what Paul is doing and make them believe that he is no longer bros with Paul. Hopefully, this would ultimately get James? sympathy that would in turn vote out Corey on eviction night.

It sounded like a good plan, until the eviction votes came in, 2-1 against Victor.

When Victor faced Big Brother host, Julie Chen, he recounted his and Paul?s plan that didn?t work out. He said that in their power duo, Paul was the brains and he was the brawn. But now that the brawn is out of the house, Paul might have a hard time inside. In the end though, Victor carried Paul?s banner by saying that he hopes Paul would get America?s care package, since this will mean he will be the next HOH and that would keep him safe.

?I just want Paul to get far in the game,? he said, saying that Paul has stood by him until the very end.

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