Big Brother Challenge: Victor Back in the House, Nicole New HoH

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Big Brother 2016 left off with?the house guests and the jury trying to keep their feet on tiny platforms while holding onto a wooden plank behind them as they battle it out for the HoH and Jury Return endurance competition. The Welcome to Loch Mess Monster challenge will determine who among the jury will go back to the house, and who among the houseguests will become HoH and therefore earn immunity from the next eliminations. However, if a jury outlasts a house guest, he/she not only gets the chance to go back into the house, but would also be the HoH and is safe from the next round of eliminations.

Victor had just been eliminated with James? deciding vote, even after his and Paul?s attempt to sway the vote. The challenge will give him a chance to go back to the house, and if he does, it will be his second eviction and return to the house.

As everyone tries to stay on their tiny platforms, not only does the wall on which the platforms are attached moves, but everyone also gets slammed with jets of water on their face and body.

Friendship Suicide

After a few minutes, Zakiya and Da?Vonne both came off the wall. It looks like they even held hands as they jumped off. Maybe they decided life in the jury house is easier for them. Paul wanted to know if they committed ?friendship suicide? but Zakiya claims it was not planned. Yeah, right.

bog brother 2016

Friendship suicide: Zakiya and Da’Vonne fall off together.

Next to fall off is Corey. Probably the challenge is too much for this pretty boy and he just couldn?t be bothered with the tedious challenge. After a few minutes, Bridgette came off the wall and looks terribly upset about failing to hold on. Paulie almost loses his hold shortly after and didn?t look like he was doing well at all. But after about 20 minutes, Paulie gives in to the struggle and falls off, eliciting a scream from Victor as this fall assures his return to the house. He has now set a new Big Brother record as the only house guest to be eliminated twice and return to the game twice.

big brother 2016

Paulie struggles to hang onto his Big Brother dream

Satisfied with merely going back, Victor comes off the wall, and the battle for HoH resumes with only the houseguests left. Some 40 minutes have gone by and Paul, Nicole and James aren?t looking too well. They are barely talking as they try to focus on staying on their platforms. James has been on his squatting technique for a while now, and Nicole has resorted to copying his stance. A few minutes more and Paul is down.

Fighting for HoH

With only Nicole and James left to battle for the HoH spot, Nicole switches to good old damsel in distress dramatics and tries to play on James? sympathy. She wants James to make a deal because she wants a letter from her family and says she is the only one who hasn?t gotten one yet. They promise each other safety, but James wants to keep his wall competition record. He has won 4 so far. Nicole continues to beg hardcore and says she?s never won one and she just really wants to get a letter from her mom and thinks she can?t go another week without hearing from her family. James doesn?t budge. He wants to be the ?Wall Champ.?

big brother 2016

Nicole trying to drama her way into James’ tough resolve

After about 20 minutes, James relents and tells Nicole he will drop for her. Concocting his own act, to seem sacrificial, he tells her he will go down so she can get her letter. Nicole promises him and Natalie safety from the next eliminations. And with that, another Big Brother 2016?challenge is over, Nicole is the new HoH, and Victor is back in the house.

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