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?Big Brother? 18 Winner: Paul is Hands Down Favorite, But Nicole Can Steal His Thunder

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The Big Brother 18 is now down to its final three houseguests. In just a few hours, the winner for the half-million dollar prize will be known. So far, Paul Abrahamian is the favorite. But he and his supporters cannot be too confident yet. Nicole Franzel might just steal his thunder and grab the title as the Big Brother 18 winner.

Based on predictions by fans, Abrahamian has the leading odds to win. But the competition is not yet over so somebody might just steal his crown any time. It won?t be too surprising if he will be one of the last men standing. But whether or not he has the last laugh in the finals is not too easy to tell at the moment.

In the last few weeks, Abrahamian had tough times in the house. His best friend, Paulie Calafiore, has been eliminated. Victor Arroyo, who was his duo partner, had the same fate. Despite the goodbyes, the odds have been in his favor as far as the competition is concerned. He has made Final 2 deals with Franzel and James Huling and there is a huge chance that he might win the final Head of Household competition.

Paul Abrahamian vs. Nicole Franzel

Online predictions indicate that Franzel has the next-best odds to win. ?The last in the list is Huling. During the live episode, it can be recalled that Franzel somehow saved Abrahamian from the elimination.

She was the Head of Household and had the power to break the tie between Abrahamian and Michelle Meyer. They both received two votes so Franzel had to decide who will have to leave. And so Franzel opted to oust Meyer. Now Abrahamian, whose fate was in her hands for once, happens to be her biggest opponent in the finals.

Fans have seen the Final 3 contestants reminisced about all of the love, fights and tears they have experienced from the show. Who among them will be proclaimed as the Big Brother 18 winner will be known when the season finale airs on CBS Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. PT / 9:30 p.m. ET.

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