Big Brother 18 Winner: Nicole Wins; Makes History as First Woman to Beat a Man in Final 2

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Nicole Franzel wins 5 votes from the jury against Paul Abrahamian?s 4 and is declared the Big Brother 18 Winner. With the last HoH competition going to Paul, he had the power to choose who to evict from the house and who to take with him to Final 2.

Paul chose to evict James after solidifying a Final 2 pact with Nicole. Addressing James, he said, ?I?ve worked way too hard to get stabbed in the back again.? In the meantime, Nicole has manipulated the game several times, and this has led to Victor?s final eviction in the Final 5.

Before the jury cast their votes, they had the chance to grill the Final 2. Paul was asked about his vulgar and mean comments to other houseguests, and he responded that he was just crazy and it was all just fun and games. Nicole, on the other hand, owned up to being the master puppeteer of the men. This earned nods from the jury members.

Finally when it was time to vote, it came to a tie for Nicole and Paul at 4 until Da?Vonne put in hers and went for Nicole. Voting ended 5-4.

Nicole?s five votes from the jury came from Corey, Natalie, Paulie, Zakiya, and Da?Vonne. Paul had Victor, Bridgette, Michelle and James.

Loyal to a fault

All throughout the season, Paul had stuck to his best friend in the house, Victor. Repeatedly, the two had been trusting house guests and making alliances, until Victor, who has been evicted twice and came back twice, was finally sent to the jury house. ?This was masterminded by Corey and Nicole who decided not to honor the Final 4 deal they made with Victor and Paul.

?All I could count on was the loyalty of my partner, Victor, and my social game? There?s one rule I?ll never break: friendship!? Paul said in his final speech to the Jury.

Paul wins $50,000 while Nicole will take home the $500K Big Brother 18 grand prize. Next week, a new season starts with Big Brother Over the Top.

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