Big Brother 18 Updates: Paul, Nicole and James Become Final 3 as Corey Gets Evicted

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In the end, each half of the three duos remained in Big Brother 18, as if to represent their respective showmance and bro team (for Paul and Victor). In an awesome turn of events, Paul won Head of Household and set the wheels of revenge for Victor in motion by putting Victor and Nicole up for eviction. He knows he needs to team up with James in order to break the powerful couple apart.

In the meantime, Nicole and Corey know that one of them needs to win the final Power of Veto in order to stay in the house. At this point in the game, Paul is lucky to have won this round?s HoH, because then he can participate in the PoV competition. In the previous rounds, the HoH is exempted from playing PoV round.

The PoV challenge was that of Days, in which the house guests need to remember exactly which day a certain event happened in the Big Brother House. In a miniature baseball like platform, they would then need to step on the numbers on the bases (1,2,3,4) and add them up to reach the correct day number. Each guest will have three chances before they strike out. Last one remaining wins PoV.

Strike out

As usual, James struck out first. It?s like he?s not even trying anymore, or he?s just really weak in competitions. Nicole, on the other hand, has been studying Days for days, that one would think she?s got it in the bag. But the last girl standing couldn?t multitask, and she had to pause after hearing each question to remember which day the event occurred, before she could run and input the numbers she needs to put on the screen.

Corey and Paul were at it like hamsters, running around their respective baseball patches while adding numbers. Corey and Paul tied at 2 strikes, and the last round was a heart stopping moment. Unfortunately, Corey became careless in stepping on the numbers and ended up short in his answer, just as Paul buzzed in the correct one. Paul must?ve made a deal with a leprechaun, because now he is HoH and has the Power of Veto all in one round. ?Revenge is sweet.

Without preamble, the housemates went straight to eliminations, and without a question, Paul evicted Corey because he is more competitive than Nicole and is a threat to Paul?s game.

With that, the Final 3 is announced, and another HoH competition will commence tomorrow in the Big Brother House.

Who will win HoH next, and who goes up to Final 2? Stay tuned to TheBitBag for the latest on Big Brother 18.


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