Big Brother 18 Update: Victor Evicted; Paul Out for Blood as He Becomes New HoH

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Nothing much could?ve saved Victor?s game in Big Brother 18 if he could help it. With him and Paul put up for eviction, it was pretty clear he was the target to leave the house. It?s not even personal, but more on a tactical game move on Corey and Nicole?s part, as they know that Victor is a strong contender to win the $500k Big Brother pot.?

Victor has broken Big Brother records with a 2-time eviction, 2-time come back this season. Aside from that, he has been HoH thrice, and won 9 competitions, that at this point in the game, eliminating the strongest contender is the smartest move a competitor can make.

That is exactly what Corey and Nicole did as they gained?power?again on this round, with HoH going to Corey and PoV to Nicole. There?s nothing much a sitting duck could do but wait to be put in the oven.?

After Victor left the house, Paul knew he had to step up his game if he wanted to survive. With his best friend gone, there is no one else in the house he can rely on. The thing he needs to do is to win the next HoH competition to secure his spot in the final three. And win it, he did.

Paul gunning for HoH

The challenge called ?What the Bleep? had James, Paul and Nicole competing. The contenders will be shown videos of statements said by past housemates in the season. Each statement will feature a bleeped out word or words. Julie Chen being the arbitrator of the game would tell them what the bleeped out words might be and they will determine if it is true or false. First one to get the most correct answers will be the new head of household.


James tanked out at 3 points as Paul and Nicole tied at 6. At the tiebreaker, Paul was able to get the correct answer, and this secures his spot in the Final 3. He also has a chance to play in the final HoH competition of the season.?

It?s payback time for Motormouth Paul. It looks like he is out to break?showmance?powerhouse Nicorey, and avenge his fallen bestfriend, Vic.?

Who will win the Power of Veto? Stay tuned for Big Brother 18 updates at The Bitbag.


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