Big Brother 18: ?America?s Favorite Houseguest? Goes to Victor; Nicole Gets Haters Over Win

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big brother 18 america's favorite houseguest

After 3 evictions and 2 come backs, Victor finally got something out of all his efforts in the House as he wins Big Brother 18 America?s Favorite Houseguest. He gets to take home $25,000, and a slew of fans in the bag. So far, it is probably the only well-deserved win of the night as fans express their dismay at the Big Brother 18 outcome on Twitter.?

In a surprising turn of events, Nicole won jury votes 5-4 over Paul, deeming her the first woman to beat a man in Big Brother final 2 history. She takes home the $500K prize and lots of haters.

In what could only be described as strategic gameplay, Big Brother veteran Nicole sailed through the season with only 1 eviction nomination. She has managed to maneuver her way into the Final 3 by strategic partnership and false alliances. Just the way the Big Brother game should be played.


Too bad for Paul, whose motto was #friendship all throughout the season. While Nicole openly lied and broke alliances then smiled about it, Paul had waded through with his social game to get him and Victor out of sticky situations. He occasionally called houseguests out and got into arguments, which led him to be nominated for eviction a number of times.

When best buddy Victor was sent to the Jury House after Nicorey broke off the Final 4 alliance, Paul stepped up his game and started winning competitions. He bagged the HoH twice and chose to bring Nicole to Final 2.

In the final interviews on Finale night, the jury revealed that if Paul had brought James to Final 2, they would have voted for Paul to win. Of course, that won?t make good television, since James seem to only join Big Brother for the heck of it.

Big Brother returns next week with a new season, Over the Top.


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