Big Brother 17 Updates: Vanessa Doing Tricks To Secure Her Place? Spoilers Ahead!

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A lot has been going on in the latest episode of Big Brother 17. Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas have returned to the game with some exciting news before the final three is determined.

The Hollywood Reporter?reports that Vanessa is left to do damage control and plot her path to the final three according to host Julie Chen about last night’s blindside eviction.

“I am just banking on the fact that she doesn’t totally hate me,” Vanessa says about trying to patch the pieces with Liz after sending the twin’s boyfriend out the door.

Liz realizes she’s alone in the game and Vanessa may be all she’s got. The Miami twin’s fate is in the professional poker player’s hands has Vanessa has to decide which houseguest to evict and who to face off against in the final three, the report further states.

Some of the minute by minute report by Buddy TV?are as follows:

8:42pm: The feeds return with the competition underway.

8:44pm: They get slammed on the wall. The bottom half of their bodies are dyed red from getting dunked in the water.

8:48pm: Steve promises that it’s gonna be a long night. Steve and Vanessa seem to be having a lot of fun.

8:50pm: They all get sprayed with exploding white? powder.

8:53pm: They are being repeatedly slammed into the wall about five or six times in a row.

8:58pm: Just like Murtaugh, Vanessa says she’s too old for this shit.

9:02pm: Liz and Steve talk about how fun it is getting smashed into the wall.

9:06pm: Steve is having a great time and talking a lot. Liz is talking some too. Vanessa doesn’t seem to be talking as much.

At the eviction ceremony, Vanessa had to decide whether to send John or Liz Nolan to the BB17 jury house. After an overly long speech, Vanessa voted to evict John, making him the eighth member of the jury. This cemented the final three houseguests as Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses, and Liz Nolan. There was a lot of applause from the audience when John left the house, showing how much fans have enjoyed watching him this season. John and James Huling seem to be the biggest competitors for the $25,000 prize given to the favorite houseguest of the season highlighted Inquisitr.

With so much planning and plotting going on, it will quite interesting to watch who wins the trophy and $25,000.

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