The Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Catches Pikachu on Sheldon?s Spot

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It appears that either Sheldon Cooper, or the man behind the character, Jim Parsons, is also an aspiring Pokemon master. Sighted on @therealjimparsons Instagram account is a snap of Pikachu, sitting in Sheldon?s spot on the couch. The photo bore the comment, ?You have GOT to be kidding??

You have GOT to be kidding…

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If it was Sheldon talking, it might be that he?s displeased that Pikachu is sitting on his spot, or that either Sheldon or Jim are pleased that they?re about to catch the most popular Pokemon character.

Amid rumors of being in its last season, The Big Bang Theory gang went back to the studios for Season 10 shooting as marked by Kaley Cuoco, Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki on their Instagram accounts a week ago.

The main stars having signed a contract for only Season 10 doesn?t assuage fears that this could be the last for our adorable nerds. In last month?s Television Critics Association briefing, though, CBS President expressed confidence that the show will continue past Season 10.


Season 10 picks up the night after Leonard?s dad, Alfred, played by Judd Hirsch, leaves with Sheldon?s mom, Mary (Laurie Metcalf) for a nightcap, after a disastrous dinner with the gang and Leonard?s mom. The next morning raised panic in Leonard and Sheldon as they both could not reach their respective parents on their mobile phones. Amused with the turnout is Penny, who probably hasn?t realized that if something romantic blossoms between the two, circumstances would end up with Leonard and Sheldon being step-brothers.

Season 10 would also bring in Penny?s mom played by 8 Simple Rules star, Katey Sagal, who would be playing a neurotic Susan, who is stressed out from a life of dealing with her troubled?but cheerful?son. This brings in Penny?s brother, Randall, played by 30 Rock star, Jack McBrayer. Randall has been in and out of jail for selling drugs. We may recall in the earlier seasons that Penny described her brother to Leonard as a ?sort of chemist.?

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premieres on September 19.

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