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?The Big Bang Theory Season Spoilers and News: Chance for Season 11?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 finale got some mixed reviews from both fans and critics alike. One issue was how the already crowded cast had to juggle sharing screen time. Another would be how Leonard and Penny?s wedding wasn?t exactly very exciting for some viewers who opted for a bigger bang at the end.

But The Big Bang Theory has been captivating audiences for many years and has earned its fame. The Show may be showing its age, but it still retains a pretty healthy fan base.

It?s the very reason why the chance that the show may go beyond Season 10 would still bring great joy to many fans after news of it being the last started floating around. Surprised? Want more Spoilers? Then keep reading on for the biggest season 10 spoilers!

1. Mommy Bernadette

Additionally, many are wondering how Bernadette will evolve as a character. Plus, it?s not a big secret that she?s not very motherly.

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It would be interesting to see how she copes with the pregnancy and how she?ll be when she becomes a mom. Howard, he?ll probably still be Howard. Season 10 is set to be the stage for some new character development for mommy Bernadette.


2. Raj Decides between Emily and Claire

Raj has been single for an eternity and his dynamics with Emily and Claire has been heating up. Raj and Emily could work but he has better connection with Claire.

He?s dating both right now, but he has to make a choice soon or risk losing both in the whacky plot. Season 10 is a ripe stage for Raj to man up and make the decision. ?

3. Sheldon?s New Roommate?

Since Leonard got married away, Sheldon may find a new roommate to fill the void that Leonard left. And it looks like Stuart may be the best candidate. John Galecki explained to The Hollywood Reporter that Stuart would be a good roommate since all the other guys are paired with girls already.

But then again, Amy could fill the roommate role too. She?s always wanted to move in with Sheldon in the first place. Sheldon is pretty odd with their relationship as he sets boundaries for them.


But so much change has been happening to the rest of the cast, it wouldn?t be a big shocker if Sheldon opens up a bit more to Amy this season. This also opens up a door of opportunities for the pair.


4. There will be a second wedding for Penny and Leonard

Penny and Leonard are the longest running relationship in the show. Many people didn?t see justice when they got a pretty quick wedding at Las Vegas. No, they deserve something grand!

But hope is not lost. Because Penny made a promise to Leonard?s mom back in the episode The Convergence Convergence that they will get married with both families to watch this time. There?s a pretty good chance that this promise will be fulfilled in Season 10.

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5. Season 10 and Beyond

Many rumors have been floating around that Season 10 will be the last. Its pretty well grounded since it?s been found out that the cast?s contracts are expiring after Season 10.

But hey, this isn?t the first time this has happened. The last time this happened was back in 2014. Back then, negations were struck as everyone got a bump in their salaries.

In addition, it?s important to note that in the 2014 negotiations, no problems popped up and everyone signed on fairly easily. CBS would also be interested in prolonging the show since it is still averaging at least 20 million viewers for every episode.

If CBS could work out a new deal with the cast then a season 11 and more can be very plausible. It?s too early to tell whether Season 11 will happen or not, but it certainly isn?t impossible. ?

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