‘Big Bang Theory Season 9’ Spoilers: Will Leonard And Penny Break-up? Leonard?s ?Other Woman? Introduced!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 9 spoilers

Well this is awkward. Season 8 of the Big Bang Theory left us with the question of whether or not Leonard and Penny are pushing through with their wedding. Leonard admitted to Penny that he fooled around with another girl while they were still dating.

The couple still headed to Las Vegas but the awkward atmosphere is obvious. Are the two going through with their plans? Or are they finally calling it quits? Well guess what, Season 9 will introduce us to the ?other? woman, reported by Yahoo TV as a character that will be played by the beautiful Melissa Tang, the actress who played Suzanne Taylor in Mom.

Her character, Mandy, is rumored to come out in episode 2 of Season 9. And since we?re expecting that season 9 will start a few hours after season 8 happens, then the whole Leonard-Penny relationship is bound to be very, very complicated.

Other things we also know: In the last show, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) was ready to spring out a ?ring? to give to Amy, but not before the character, played by Mayim Bialik, tells him that she needed some space.

So does this mean the end of the Shthe eldon-Amy saga? We?ll be able to find out soon enough in the first Season 9 episode airing in September! In the last San Diego Comic Con, casts of Big Bang Theory spoke about the coming season during their panel and gave hints of where the show is headed.

Here?s what we got on the Big Bang Theory Season 9 Spoilers:

  • Amy doesn?t know exactly what?s going to happen to her in the new season, but there is a very, very big chance that we?ll know more about her back story and how she ended up being the leading character that she is.
  • It?s not the end of Amy and Sheldon! Yey! ?”I don’t think they’re done speaking by any means. He’s so fond of her – something is going to happen between them, I’m sure,” said executive producer Steve Molaro during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
  • As for Raj (Kunnal Nayar), he might actually have the love life he deserves as he is expected to profess his love for Emile (Laura Spencer), at the start of Season 9.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will premiere this September 21.

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