The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spinoff: Who Are The Cast?

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The Big Bang Theory Season 11
The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Spinoff

Speculations are rife that The Big Bang Theory season 11 is cancelled and instead will pave the way for a spinoff series supposedly that of Dr. Sheldon Cooper?s childhood.

With Big Bang Theory?s renewal past its 10th season hitting hiccups, it comes as no surprise that CBS is looking for a spinoff option. Despite the network?s eagerness to bring the highly rated comedy back, negotiations with the cast, who are asking for a salary raise, are still ongoing.

Recent reports of CBS ordering a pilot episode for Sheldon, the Big Bang Theory spinoff, have convinced fans that season 11 is as good as shelved.

Sheldon Prequel

Sources revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Big Bang co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady along with showrunner Steve Molaro are working on Sheldon, a prequel series based on Jim Parsons? character. The spinoff is described as sort of like Malcolm in the Middle but with a young and potentially teenage version of Sheldon.


The reported spinoff will narrate Sheldon? life in Galveston, Texas living with an Evangelical Christian family. His mother, Mary, who turned up on Big Bang, is kind, a devout but still a right-wing Texan. His father, George Cooper, is an alcoholic who left his family. Sheldon also has a twin sister, Missy, and an older brother, George Jr. Other characters that could turn up in the spinoff is Sheldon?s beloved grandmother. However, no names have been revealed yet.

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The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Possible?

Although rumors suggest of a season 11 cancellation, Deadline reports that the negotiations for both Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory are ongoing. The two series will be designed in a way that allows them to co-exist. Thus, the original series is still set for renewal for another new season in 2017.

The season 11 is entirely dependent on the cast of the Big Bang. With leading trio of Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki drawing $1 million each per episode, the production cost has become ?expensive enough. Should they demand a salary hike, CBS is expected to end the series.

However, Kunal Nayyar, also one of the show?s stars, confirmed that all of his co-stars are more than willing to have another season of the show. They will most likely agree with CBS when contract negotiations conclude early next year. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, so stay tuned to TheBitBag for regular updates.

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