The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Spoilers: New Priorities To Lessen The Group?s Hangouts? Family Life, Characters? New Focus!

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There?s nothing more painful than bidding goodbye to your favorites. And now that the beloved The Big Bang Theory is nearing its end, there?s no other way to stop it than to prepare ourselves for closure. So what to expect in the supposed finale season of the geekily hilarious series?

Before we go to the spoilers we have gathered so far for the tenth installment, let?s have a bit of a flashback on what had happened in the past nine seasons of The Big Bang Theory. It must be remembered that compared to how he was for most of the series? run, Raj, portrayed by Kunal Nayyar, is no longer a stuttered man. We now see Raj enjoying the company of his girlfriend aside from another woman he is dating.

Howard, on the other hand, is now married and is waiting for his first child. He is now not just an engineer but also an astronaut. If you are an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory you know that Howard has been one of the guys who usually receive ridicules from the group, not just because of his degree but also with his lack of charisma to girls.

Leonard is now married to the hot blonde chick he had been dreaming of over the years. This girl just lives across the hall. Meanwhile, Penny is now a sales representative of a pharmaceutical company after leaving her former job in The Cheesecake Factory. Well, she still dreams of becoming an actress, though.

And of course, Sheldon, who is considered to be the king of nerds, is gradually changing for the better. He has now a girlfriend who fits his unpredictable quirkiness, and he has already experienced the feeling of making love.

So with all these developments that we have witnessed for a decade, all events that are expected to happen in the tenth and final installment of the series might be coming toward the end of the story.

Reports speculated that Howard and Bernadette might find themselves detaching from the group after the latter give birth to their child. We might see them hanging out with their buddies but not as often and as long as before. Friends will not be their top priority for sure.

Raj might be in trouble of losing both girls. But of course, we expect a happy ending in the series for him, so he might end up with a wife or family of his own. Leonard and Penny might be looking for a bigger flat as they are expanding their family.

But the most important scene that everyone is hoping to see in The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will be the progress on Sheldon-Amy affair. It is rumored that Sheldon will finally be proposing to Mayim Balik?s character.

Bottomline, the season-ender might be showing how each member of the group will find themselves with other important priorities. Sure, it won?t mean that their friendship is over but the get together and other bonding and funny moments of the group will be lessened.

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But how about if we play the mind game of ?what-ifs?? What if the show will not be ending in season 10? It will definitely have a different storyline. Right now, what we have to do is hope for the best in The Big Bang Theory Season 10.

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The expected finale season will be premiering on September 19 on CBS.

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