The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Premiere: Katey Sagal and Jack McBrayer Need Another Episode

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premiere delivers on its promise of a riot first episode. In the opening scene, Sheldon almost immediately realizes that he and Leonard might become brothers. He isn?t taking it so well as evidenced with his impatience to bring the topic up between bedroom walls, as they are about to sleep.

And he continues to bring up the possibility of coitus when everyone meets up for breakfast in their apartment the next morning. Beverly (Christine Baranski) almost didn?t want to attend the wedding anymore, because she?s uncomfortable being around Alfred (Judd Hirsch) and Mary (Laurie Metcalf). But Penny convinced her to stay by applying reverse psychology on her.

Meanwhile, we find out that Penny?s mom, Susan (Katey Sagal) is paranoid about her brother. She?s the type of mom who?s worried about what other people would say about Randall (Jack McBrayer) and their family. She feels intimidated about meeting Leonard?s family thinking they will be labeled as ?white trash.? Penny?s dad is cool and laid back and seems to be in sync with his daughter. At the same time, Randall is too jolly to be normal. He is not the scary drug dealer type often associated with people of his profession.

On the other hand, Colonel Richard Williams (Dean Norris) has gone to Howard?s house to talk about the guidance system that he, Leonard and Sheldon are working on. When Raj opened the door, he felt paranoid and told the officer that Howard is not at home. Colonel Williams then left a card so that Howard may call him back. Howard ended up agreeing to a classified meeting with the US Army representative at Caltech.

big bang theory season 10 premiere

Colonel Richard Williams setting up a meeting with Howard. (Photo source: CBS)

Ceasefire at the ceremony

Moving on to Sheldon?s mom and Leonard?s dad, it looks like their friendship will progress as both have agreed to see each other in their respective hometowns. This makes everyone involved uncomfortable with the possibility of the two going into a relationship.

Everyone is brought together briefly as they all bear witness to Penny and Leonard?s second wedding. The simple ceremony was officiated by Bernadette, who was quite stern about anyone who would attempt to disrupt the wedding. Sheldon interrupts it by saying how much Leonard and Penny means to him, even if he doesn?t show it that much.

With that, Penny?s family, Sheldon?s mom and Leonard?s parents are all going back to the airport to go home. We wonder if Susan and Randall will come back for more episodes this season. Randall seems to be a hoot, plus it would be interesting to have him and Sheldon interact with each other.

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