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?The Big Bang Theory? Season 10 Premiere: Baby, Weapons System, & Other New Family Tensions to Color Latest Installment

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The Big Bang Theory Season 10

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premiere is all set on Monday and it looks like the upcoming season is jampacked with a lot of exciting happenings. Viewers will be delighted to know that a baby is on the way. Meanwhile, Captain Williams uses his background in science to lead the invention of a new weapon system. And of course, new tensions in the family are bound to arise to bring color to the latest installment.

When The Big Bang Theory returns for its 10th season, it will picked up from the very next morning where the previous installment left off. Recent report claims that the next season is going to focus more on baby issues.

Avid viewers of the hit series are aware that Bernadette is not really the kind of woman who would be very happy about the thought of getting pregnant. But the character played by Melissa Rauch will eventually have to face motherhood.

The thought of having a baby will sink in with Bernadette in Season 10. How she mentally prepares herself for all the matters related to motherhood will be an interesting story. It will be seen in the upcoming season.

Weapon Systems

According to executive producer Steven Molaro, The Big Bang Theory Season 10 will see a terrifying time for the Air Force. Captain Williams inquires about their guidance-system project. Norris?s character will prove that he is not only a passionate colonel. He can also do something else. He can create a new weapon system that will be very helpful for their team.

Family Tensions

It will be exciting to see the reaction of Sheldon and Leonard?once they learn that their parents are having an affair. It seems like it is not going to be an easy thing to swallow for both of them.

Catch all these and more when The Big Bang Theory returns on Monday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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