The Big Bang Theory Season 10: Penny and Leonard?s Wedding Photos Released Ahead of Season Premiere [Photos Inside]

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big bang theory season 10
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The Big Bang Theory Season 10 wedding pics from Episode 1 have been released, and they are giving us so much feels. The whole gang is present as Penny and Leonard renew their wedding vows. As with any wedding and family reunion combined, there?s bound to be drama, already set off by Leonard?s dad and Sheldon?s mom.

Alfred (Judd Hirsch) and Mary (Laurie Metcalf) had gone off for a nightcap after an eventful dinner with the gang in Season 9. The next morning, Leonard and Sheldon could?reach neither parent and this makes for a very uncomfortable future situation for the roommates.

In the meantime, Penny?s mom, Susan (Katey Sagal) will also be joining the season premiere, and she is taking Randall with her. Randall (Jack McBrayer) is Penny?s drug-dealing brother and the source of Susan?s stress. With Susan constantly worrying and angry over her son?s crappy life choices, this leaves Penny and her dad Wyatt (Keith Carradine) in the middle of all the drama.

The released wedding pictures don?t show the tension and the drama at all. The whole gang is present as they look on at Leonard and Penny?s exchange of wedding vows. The wedding is officiated by Bernadette (Melissa Rauche), and it looks like Sheldon (Jim Parsons) is the best man.

big bang theory season 10

Penny?s father, Wyatt, walks her down the aisle. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory season 10

Bernadette officiates the wedding. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory season 10

Stewart gets emotional as the vows are exchanged. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory season 10

Pronounced man and wife for the second time. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory season 10

Hugs all around. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory season 10

Leonard now a part of Penny?s family drama. But so far, there’s no sign of family tension here. (Photo credit: CBS)

big bang theory 10

Mr. and Mrs. Hofstadter (Photo credit: CBS)

Hodgepodge of guest stars

The season premiere will be rich in guest stars. Aside from Sagal, McBrayer, Carradine, Hirsch and Metcalf, Christine Baranski also reprises her role as Beverly, Leonard?s mom.

It also looks like Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris will also be making an appearance in the premiere. He will be playing an Air Force rep interested in Howard, Leonard and Sheldon?s quantum gyroscope. With all the guests in one episode, it looks like 22 minutes will pack a punch and all the guests will have limited screen time.

Executive producer Steve Molaro is hoping to bring back newbies Sagal and McBrayer in another less crowded episode. He told TVLine, ?Now that they are officially members of the Big Bang family, we would love to have them come back so we can service them with more time and energy that we could in the premiere.?

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 premieres on Monday, September 19 on CBS.

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