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Beyond Good and Evil 2 E3 Reveal Lacks Release Date; Prequel Brings Swearing, Guns, And More

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beyond good and evil 2
The new Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer is not what fans expected. [Image from Ubisoft YouTube channel]

A new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 has come out, and it’s not what fans were expecting. The game is a prequel for one and it also has a ton of swearing, with F-bombs being dropped. Fans weren’t expecting to see a more mature version of the original game’s world, but it should raise some interest.

Prior to the trailer’s unveiling, the developers hinted that the game would not be appearing in this year’s E3. It seems like this was done to fool fans, since the trailer was a surprise to everyone in attendance. While there isn’t any gameplay and release date, the cinematic trailer seen was interesting and a fun way to conclude Ubisoft’s press conference.

What The Eff?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 feels like it will be an M rated game, due to the guns and swearing. It’s a drastic change from the first game, which mostly focused on photography and exploration, with basic combat added in. Seems like these new characters won’t be limited to using sticks and stealth, since we see guns, grappling hooks, and more.

Don’t be fooled by the Dreamworks-esque talking monkey and pig seen, these anthropomorphic animals have quite the potty mouth. It’s definitely a more mature experience, though the humans, talking animals and Pey’j reference link it to the original. Some fans might be turned off with the new direction, but it’s nice seeing the developers take a few risks.

Beyond Good and Evil 2: The Swine Awakens

From the trailer’s ending, it’s clear that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is influenced by the Star Wars films. The monkey and the girl deliver a chip, revealing a map similar to the one in the Force Awakens ending. Pretty much every fantasy or sci-fi game is influenced by Star Wars, but this was a little more obvious.

With Pey’J name dropped and a world fans didn’t expect to see, the hype for the prequel has officially begun. It’s clear that the developers are taking a lot of chances with a more mature world, and it’s garnering interest. The lack of gameplay is still disappointing, but the trailer has made sure that this prequel is on everyone’s radar.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 still has no release date or window, but it will be coming to current-gen consoles and PC. A Nintendo Switch version was confirmed recently, so that should be a high profile release for the console. Fans can play a remastered version of the first game on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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