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Beyond Good And Evil 2: PS4 And Xbox One Release Obstructed By Nintendo Switch Timed Exclusivity [Leak]

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It seems like PS4 and Xbox One owners have to wait a while before playing Beyond Good and Evil 2. Normally, that wouldn?t sound like big news since the game has been in development for years. However, if this rumor is true, it seems like the anticipated sequel will be a temporary exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Laura Kate Dale, a somewhat trusted source for Nintendo leaks, has stated that it will be a temporary Switch exclusive. The handheld/console hybrid will supposedly have exclusive access to the game for a year. After that, the sequel will be released on PS4 and Xbox One; Nintendo fans will just play it first.

January Showcase Reveal?

According to Dale, Beyond Good and Evil 2 could be shown at this month?s Nintendo Switch presentation. Codenamed as Odyssey, the game will supposedly have some sort of teaser at the end of Nintendo’s conference.?

This isn?t the first time publisher Ubisoft has prioritized Nintendo over Sony and Microsoft. ZombiU was a launch title for the Wii U but was eventually released on PS4 and Xbox One as Zombi. It?s also worth noting that Rayman: Legends was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive, but it came to PS4 and Xbox One first.

Ubisoft Making The Switch?

Dale has also stated that Beyond Good and Evil 2 won?t be the only Ubisoft game coming to the Switch. Apparently, we will also see a port of the acclaimed Rayman: Legends on the Switch. The Rabbids are also coming to the Switch in a new game called Rabbids Kingdom Battle.

That is a lot of support from Ubisoft, so it seems like they will be one of the console?s pioneer publishers. At this rate, we might see a new Assassin?s Creed game for the Nintendo Switch, though we shouldn?t get too hasty.

Fans can see if Laura Kate Dale got it right by tuning in to the Nintendo Switch Showcase on January 12. Alongside Beyond Good and Evil 2, we should see other games like the new Mario title, among others.

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