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Beyond Good And Evil 2: Why The Game Could Flop

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Beyond Good And Evil 2
Michel Ancel Seen Here Showcasing Beyond Good And Evil 2 [Image Captured From Ubisoft YouTube Channel]

Ubisoft made waves of applause and cheers at E3 2017 as the company revealed the long-awaited follow up to 2003’s Beyond Good And Evil. However, those who’ve played the first game shouldn’t be too excited about the next entry as it’s a completely new game with a ton of changes to its gameplay. This complete overhaul could be one of the reasons why Beyond Good And Evil 2 could be a flop waiting to happen.

Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel recently gave everyone a look at the prototype gameplay of Beyond Good and Evil 2, and the game is exciting to say the least. It looks like Ubisoft could be getting too ambitious with the title and aren’t holding anything back. Despite the effort, there’s still a good chance that the game would flop.

There’s Very Little Of The First Game In It

The first game launched back in 2003 and despite not being a big hit, fans have been anticipating a sequel for a long time. What we got at E3 isn’t a sequel but a prequel.

Story-wise, we might not even get a glimpse of Jade in the game. The huge step away from the first game could be a major downfall of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

When it comes to gameplay, Ubisoft is completely building the game from the ground up and the only retained feature from the original is the setting. Ancel said before that photography will be part of the gameplay and this might be the only feature that fans of the first game could be familiar with.

It’s Too Big

One of the touted features of Beyond Good And Evil 2 is the open Solar System that players will get to explore. It’s going to be a dynamic open world area and the planets inside the system aren’t any pushovers as well. Ubisoft is going all out in terms of the game’s explorable area and this could go the wrong way.

As seen from Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, a developer is too ambitious could eventually fail. Even Mass Effect Andromeda suffered the same fate after its developers wasted time trying to work with procedurally generated planets.

The large open world could be something that Beyond Good and Evil developers can’t handle. Many fans are rather skeptical of Ubisoft for now as the developer is known for releasing downgraded versions of E3 gameplay reveals, like what happened with The Division and Watchdogs.

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