?Beware The Slenderman? Documentary: What We Know From Video Games

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Beware The Slenderman

In light of the upcoming ?Beware The Slenderman? documentary coming from HBO, hints of the Slenderman can be derived from videogames about him around 2012-2013. Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender: The Arrival doesn?t say much about his goals, but it does reveal a few of his gimmicks and quirks as a spooky creature.


In both games, Slenderman somehow wants players to collect something first before he chases them and kills them. Instead of just going in for the kill, Slenderman prefers indirect tactics like letting victims escape for awhile and suddenly reappearing next to the player out of thin air. His movement patterns are generally erratic and unpredictable. Also, players are forced to peripherally predict Slenderman?s action as staring directly or moving too close to him for too long will result in a Game Over screen. After these shock tactics, Slenderman will grow more aggressive and active in cornering the player and the pace of the game kicks up to the faster, frantic chase per objective completed. Slenderman?s brand of dread is more towards paranoia and mental rather than body horror and superficial.


In terms of plot, Slender: The Eight Pages was mostly a brief introduction to Slenderman?s nature . Meanwhile, Slender: The Arrival funded itself on the prior knowledge of Slenderman and gave Slenderman a little more personality through his obscure plan towards the character, Kate. As known in Creepypasta, he only targets children but in the games, Slenderman targeted one male kid and two adult women. As written in our previous article, the ?Beware The Slenderman? HBO documentary could be faithful to the Slenderman lore but it?s a mystery if he?ll target another adult like in the video games.

As per the story of the documentary, Slenderman might not be making an appearance but might be based on his influence in the Internet media. It might cover much of his standing identity through the Something Awful forums, Creepypasta wiki entries, and these two games.

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