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Between Lives of Other People and a Strict Religious Protocol, Which will You Choose?

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There was an on-going immersion of Ganesha idols in a canal at Sular Ghat, boys who are participating in the rites have to go into the water. Suddenly there was a sudden gush of water and four boys lost their footing and got washed away by the strong current.

A Sikh man, Inderpal Singh, who was observing the ritual did not hesitate to take off his turban to help the drowning youths even though he knew that he will be breaking a strict religious protocol. On the other side of the bank another Sikh man, Kanwaljit Singh, immediately followed suit. Both men rushed to save the boys using their turbans as makeshift ropes to haul in the struggling boys out of the rushing water.

Under the tenets of Sikhism, one can only remove the turban at home, while taking a bath. Good thing these two men only thought of the safety of the boys and the possibility of their drowning.

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