GoFundMe Online Campaign Vs Betty White’s 2016 Death Slammed By Fans

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Betty White?s 2016 death is being ?prevented? by her fans via a GoFundMe online campaign. However, the movement was slammed by some critics.

A lot of big names in the entertainment industry passed away this year. At 94 years old, many are fearing that Betty White?s death will happen before 2017 comes in. The Golden Girls star has also been the subject of numerous death hoaxes over the past couple of months.

?Protect Betty White? campaign goes viral

A fan from South Carolina is pulling all stops to supposedly avoid such a tragedy from happening.


A user named Demetrios Hrysikos created a GoFundMe page to ?protect? the TV icon. ?Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White,? he wrote alongside the petition.

?If she?s okay with it, I will fly to wherever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan. 1, 2017,? Hrysikos suggested.

Fans worldwide have been donating as much as $100 to the ?mission.? As of Wednesday morning, it has reportedly raised $2,146 worth of ?safety funds.?

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Extortion scheme?

However, the Betty White GoFundMe campaign was called out by several people.

Comments on a TMZ report warned supporters that Hrysikos is only using the situation to extort money for himself. ?He’s got all these people sending HIM money!? one commenter wrote.

?I love and respect Betty White [but] please don’t be so gullible, people!? another person commented.

Someone pointed out that a real fan would truly know the type of fundraiser that Betty White would want. ?If he really knew Betty White, he would have donated it to a animal shelter,? the fan scoffed.

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Betty White 2016-2017 career plans

In related news, an alleged friend of Betty White said that the veteran celebrity still has no plans of slowing down.

?There isn?t an inch of retirement in her,? the source told Radar Online.

The Emmy winner is supposedly pushing her agents to get her more TV gigs. Currently, she is active as a panelist on her second season in ABC?s game show To Tell the Truth.

Furthermore, she allegedly wants to celebrate her 95th birthday this January by trying something new. As per the insider, Betty White is keen on doing a one-woman Broadway show. ?[She wants] to show the world she?s still sharp, can remember lines and is a force to be reckoned with,? the source said.

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