Twitter Begs 2016 To Spare Betty White

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Betty White
Betty White

2016 was horrible?as?many great iconic celebrities had untimely deaths this year. And just when we thought we were in the home stretch, Carrie Fisher was taken away from us just days before the year ended.?Fans have now taken up arms on Twitter to spread the word and beg 2016 to spare Betty White.

It looks like?fans have had enough of all the celebrity deaths. ?Because apparently, a lot of people think the 94-year-old actress might be the next on the grim reaper?s list this 2016.

Don?t Take Her

Twitter has been bustling with tweets telling 2016 to lay off the Golden Girl. Many users are tweeting the most outlandish of things in a bid to stave away 2016 from Betty White.

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One user writes: ?Dear 2016, Don’t touch Betty White, don’t look at Betty White, don’t even breathe on her wrong Sincerely, Literally everyone?

Another user writes: ?2016, Don’t you touch her! DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER! DO NOT TOUCH BETTY WHITE!?

And yes this is all just a big gag that?s gaining more and more traction by the second. But people really are tired of reading any more unexpected celebrity deaths on their feed. So it’s the thought that counts right?

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Well one user decided to take things even further and decided to make a GoFundMe page to protect the beloved actress. Demetrios Hrysikos had created the GoFundMe page ?Help protect Betty White from 2016? last tuesday.

Hrysikos shared that Carrie Fisher?s death motivated him to create the page in an attempt to cheer up people. He then explained that he plans to fly to where the actress?is and personally keep her safe until January 1.

But in the event the actress?gets creeped out by Hrysikos? kind gesture, he?s already decided that he will simply give the proceeds to a youth theatre company in South Carolina named the Spartanburg Little Theater.

The GoFundMe page has already amassed approximately $2,000. It looks like a lot of people support the notion of protecting Betty White from 2016.

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