Better phones than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Why you should get the Moto G, HTC One Mini or the Google Nexus 5

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Before you get the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, you have to keep in mind that you aren?t simply getting a smaller Galaxy S4; you?re getting a mid-range device. The price isn?t reduced simply because of the screen size; you get lower specs all around.

We?re not saying that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini isn?t a great device; the Korean manufacturer always produces phones that everyone wants to have. But buyers should always go into any purchase with eyes wide open. Here are some things that you may not like about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini:


  1. Ugly user interface. Unless you?re a die-hard Samsung fan, their TouchWiz UI is probably the worst UI you could ever come across on a branded smartphone. It?s clunky, cartoony and makes the whole phone go slower. Unless you?re versed in rooting and changing a lot of administrator-only settings on a mobile, you?re stuck with TouchWiz UI.
  2. Fragile build. No one wants to drop their phone but it happens anyway. Since the S4 Mini is made of plastic and the back cover can be popped off, it?s actually going to be an easy thing to break. Unlike HTC that offers screen replacements and for cracked phones, your phone is a goner when you drop it.
  3. Only 8 gigabytes of internal storage. Fans can always argue that you can expand the memory with an SD card. They forget to mention that you can only run apps and services on the internal memory. Again, unless you know how to root or fiddle with the phone memory allocation, you?re stuck with very limited space.
  4. Bloatware abound. If it isn?t bad enough that you only have 8 GB of space internally, you have to share it with some ?great? services that Samsung always includes in their phones but you never need. Only tech-savvy rooters can get these services out and maximize the device.
  5. Android 4.2. Even if the update has been rolled out for a long time, you?ll have to wait until your carrier releases it for your phone. You?re essentially buying something that?s running on almost-outdated software.

So if what we?ve said has made this a mobile relationship dealbreaker, here are the best alternatives in the same mid-range price point market:


  • Moto G

It has a better display (higher resolution and ppi) , better form factor and can take better drops and bumps than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It costs almost half of what the S4 Mini asks and it also has Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed.


  • HTC One Mini

Samsung?s phone still loses over the HTC One Mini?s display and form. This phone?s unibody makes it sleek and stylish in ways Samsung can?t achieve with a removable back. What?s more, HTC?s UI is much better that it?s an almost unrecognizable Android phone.


  • Nexus 5

With almost the same price point as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, the Nexus 5 beats Samsung?s phone by leaps and bounds. Higher resolution, ppi, camera, form factor and size are just some of the best points. You also get the latest Android firmware no matter what carrier you?re using since Google releases updates for their own phones first.

If you?re a die-hard Samsung fan, though, you shouldn?t be guilty about buying this phone. It?s still a great device since it does have an 8PM camera, dual core processor, lots of RAM and LTE support. What we?re saying is that at its price, there are a lot of other options that may be better than the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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