Bethesda Not Revealing Cards: Skyrim Creators Mum About Next Game

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Since coming out with the hugely popular fifth installment of Skyrim and the third in the Fallout series, Bethesda Softworks games have been a topic of huge discussion. As a game developer, they have created gems that have since been big hits among hardcore and casual gamers alike.

The fifth in the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim, takes place in a land gripped with civil war fever and ripe with political bickering. The High King had just died, and as if that wasn?t enough, the skies are rife with the return of dragons, creatures that haven?t been seen since the reign of the first Emperor of the land. Fortunately, as if the skies heard their cries, the first Dragonborn ever since the first Emperor of the Empire himself walks the land once more.

Fallout: New Vegas takes on a story that is more rooted in realism. As the weapons with which we sought to protect ourselves with were used to wipe out each other, humanity sought shelter in bunkers buried deep underground. When everyone deemed that it was safe to come out again, they did so, only to discover that a lot of things weren?t the same as they were before. Vegas became an entirely new place.

With hits like this, it was only natural to assume that they would be followed up by Fallout 4 and the sixth installment of The Elder Scrolls. It would be very hard to follow up Skyrim, though, as the game was revolutionary, and took the term ?open environment? to the next level.

This is also the reason why, as far as the E3 is concerned, Bethesda was present at the proceedings, but had nothing as far as their next game was concerned. In fact, they said that the next game they are planning won?t be revealed for quite some time.

In response to a fan question that was posted on Twitter, regarding Fallout 4, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines stated that he wasn?t a fan of pre-announcing their plans. He also said that officially, Bethesda was not going to be talking about the coming game for quite a long time. Asked for further clarification, he said that people should not wait and see what kind of game they have up their sleeves anytime soon. There was no certainty how long the wait would be.

So far, news on the web points out to the authenticity of Fallout 4. The rumors have already associated a place with it, Boston, and that it was going to include Boston?s surrounding area. There have already been unofficial sources that confirmed it to be ?true.

Whatever game Bethesda Studios is cooking up in its magic oven has a lot of space to fill up. The void left by the last game, Skyrim, is quite huge; it did well for being a strictly single-player game, selling 20 million copies and counting. Speculations for the game were also fueled by Bethesda?s comment last April 2013, saying that they were moving on to their next adventure.

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