Bethesda Has No Plans To Release Any DLC For The Playstation 3

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Well I was hoping to have some good news for Playstation fans today. I got a few emails yesterday asking if Bethesda will release ANY DLC for Fallout 3 on the Playstation 3. I can’t believe I didn’t ask Pete this question when I interviewed him. I did what any journalist would do…I sent him an email.

One more question. Since posting that interview I’m getting a lot of emails
from Playstation 3 owners. They want to know if you plan on releasing ANY
dlc for the PS3 version and what time frame?

Your PS3 fans would really appreciate if you could answer this question.

Thanks again for your support Pete!

Pete’s response was quick and straight to the jugular:

Fallout 3 DLC is for Xbox 360 and PC.

Now in yesterday’s interview, Pete told me that they always planned on releasing DLC. So it’s not like Microsoft came in and asked them to create it like they did with Rockstar. Maybe Microsoft just liked what they were doing and bought the exclusive rights across the board. This means that any DLC released for Fallout 3 will always be 360/PC exclusive.

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