Bethesda Gives Us The Skinny On Fallout 3 DLC

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Bethesda is on a roll with Fallout 3 DLC. They just released Operation Anchorage and are about to release their second DLC package, The Pitt. Are you wondering how they are able to churn out so much quality DLC in so little time? Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR, gives us the skinny.

Bb: When did you start working on the DLC for Fallout 3? Was it during
development of the main game?

PH: Well there’s a period where you are done building content and just focused on testing and fixing the game. So folks start thinking about ideas during that period, and then work really begins in earnest once the game is pretty much “done”

Bb: How were you able to get the DLC done so quickly?

PH: At this point we’ve gotten pretty good at generating content for the game. I don’t know about “quickly”…it takes a couple months of work for each DLC. However, because we aren’t making radical changes to the game and gameplay systems, but are focusing instead on content, you can take a team of folks and build the content in a reasonable amount of time. It also depends on the scope of what you are making. We’ve tried to focus on things that add multiple hours of gameplay without getting into expansion-sized content, like Shivering Isles for Oblivion, which adds 20-30 hours of gamplay, but also takes a much longer time to make.

Bb: Was any of the DLC content that was supposed to be in the original
game but couldn’t fit?

PH: No. It’s all ideas people came up with after making the game, and spending time playing the game, and thinking about what new kinds of things we’d like to do. The team gets together to pitch their ideas for things they’d like to do and we pull the best (and most feasible) ideas from there and get to work.

Bb: Had you already planned the DLC or was a collaboration between
Bethesda and Microsoft?

PH: We had always planned to do DLC for Fallout 3.

Bb: After the DLC is fully distributed, do you have other plans for
Fallout 3?

PH: Right now our focus is on the DLC.

Bb: Bethesda is on a roll. Is there anything else you are working on?

PH: Always.

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