Bet your eyes could look pretty delicious with these eye palettes

Etude House sweetly collaborates with Hersheys Kisses for an eye-popping chocolatey treat!

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With the pandemic forcing us to wear masks, eyes are the only windows we have for self-expression. So why not make them stand out?

Etude House sweetly collaborates with Hershey’s Kisses for their Play Color Eyes Hershey’s Kisses Collection to satisfy your chocolate cravings, the cosmetics way. Part of this creamy collection is a sweet line-up of luscious brown eyeshadows, perfect for a daily or video party look. 

Whether you want your eyes to shimmer, glitter, or matte, Etude House’s Spring Make-Up Collection with Hershey’s Kisses will make your eyes could look pretty chocolatey with these eye palettes.


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