Best Z170 Motherboards For Your Skylake Processor

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Ready for the new gen processors? Then be sure to check out some our recommended motherboards for the new processor.

So you just bought that newly released Intel 6th-gen Skylake processor, not it?s time to upgrade your old motherboard as well since the new 6th-gen CPUs will be requiring a new 1151 sockets, meaning your current motherboards will not support the sockets. And with that in mind the Z170 motherboard series was launched for the Skylake processor. Some manufacturers are launching their own version of the Z170, though it may still have the features similar with each other, some brands are providing their own unique features to cater for their consumers.

But first let?s check out some features that the Z170 can offer to everyone

  • UniDimm Support ? some Z170 boards allow support for the current DDR3 and the new DDR4 DIMMS memory
  • Alpine Ridge Controller ? this will feature 4 PCIe ports that supports USB 3.1, Thunderbolt and DisplayPort, some brands may provide unique features for the support of the mentioned ports.

And now let?s take a look at specific Z170 motherboards that will suit for specific budgets.

$120 Budget Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3


You can for Gigabyte?s GA-Z170-HD3, it has ultra-durable capacitors to ensure long lasting durability on your motherboard, it also has gold-plated CPU sockets to provide longevity to the socket for prolong use. The DualBIOS system lets you have a main BIOS and a backup BIOS for maximum protection in case your main BIOS had a failure due to hardware malfunction or virus attacks, your backup will start to kick in. If you are in a budget and is looking for a good quality board for your Skylake CPU, you can always rely on the GA-Z170-HD3.

$200 Budget Asus ROG Maximus VIII Hero


The latest Republic of Gamers line-up will also include the Z170 board, the Maximus VIII Hero provides the best gaming quality experience with its 5-way optimization and auto-tuning feature. It also has the SupremeFX 2015 for the best audio quality in your gaming with 7.1 surround channel, distortion-free audio input and output as well as automatically optimizing audio experience on headphones. If you are a hardcore gamer and can spare some more cash for a high quality motherboard, then pick Maximus VIII Hero.

We hope this little guide can help you on picking your preferred motherboard, but there will be more boards available in the market soon. If you have some recommendations of other Z170 motherboards, please do share it with us by leaving a comment below.


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