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Best Workout Subscription Apps and Sites

We listed some of the best fitness sites and apps along with reviews from their users.

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This new online fitness platform offers more than 5,000 fitness classes perfect for everyone. It’s the most convenient way to get up and be fit even when we’re in the middle of pandemic.

The gym doesn't offer the same flexibility and convenience as Moxie. Moxie has instructors from all over and I can take classes whenever I want.

-Cheryl, Boston, MA

The first workout you will actually commit uses smart technology to push you in hitting your fitness goals. From interactive live workouts to high tech exercise devices, DribbleUp will let your family commit to a fit and active lifestyle.

It’s a great investment if you use it! We have 2 balls and the gloves, and just one subscription for both my daughter and I to work out, <$10/month. Our family membership at the gym, which is on hold for now, costs 10X that much and we never went daily.

-Melanie Mark

Up your dancing moves with online dance classes that feels like a physical dance studio practice, but even better.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got some moves for the dance floor – Steezy has all the dance classes ideal for every type of dancer.

I love this app, the instructors, and music choices. Highly recommended for a good sweat session and confidence building!


An all-new way to practice yoga whenever and wherever you may be No more checking class schedules or rushing to the studio before or after work. With Gaiam’s Yoga Studio app, practicing yoga has never been easier.

Great App! simple, complete and effective!!! I use it whenever possible for the last 7 years!!!


Get access to the world’s best workouts taught by Celebrity trainers in this digital fitness platform! They offer these classes for free, but you’ll enjoy more with features in their paid subscription!

I appreciate so much this app! Has tons of exercises with different intensities, so you never get bored! After making these, I feel so light and toned and the back pain or whatever comes from sitting for hours, are solved!

-Anca Berdan

This fitness website helps you to get fit & strong through strength workout programs. Onnit allows you to get access to “unconventional training”—employing equipment and methods that aren’t often found in the typical gym

The perfect app for those who want to take care of themselves. Lately, I've become the best version of myself possible, feeling and seeing the result. Thanks to the developer from soul and body.

-Alex Jackson

Get healthy and fit in just 30 days with this personalized workout app! Aaptiv is a personal trainer in your pocket that can give you tons of workouts designed to meet your fitness needs

Very good fitness app eapecially if you're a beginner. The workouts are fun and very convenient. The price isn't too bad either considering what you would normally pay for a gym membership.

-Jay Gumbs

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