Best Tinder Alternatives: 4 Dating Apps That Are Completely FREE

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Are you tired of Tinder and it’s $10 fee for older users? Time to give it a “left swipe” and use these apps instead.

Do you think Tinder?s new paid version, Tinder Plus, is harsh to 30-somethings? Are you one of those who disagree that its couple of new features are enough leverage for it $9.99 monthly subscription fee? Is the notoriously popular dating app starting to get too mainstream for your taste? If you answered ?yes? to all of those, you?ve come to right place. Today, we?re going to give you some of the best dating apps that aren?t Tinder. Check them out below.


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Hinge prides itself to be the ?classier Tinder? and by it means that it?s more reserved. The app only allows you to talk to people that you?re friends with, or friends of friends, on Facebook. The goal is to give you a connection that you can work through in real life. Hinge allows you to eliminate the ?bridge? of the middleman. So if you don?t have a trace of inhibition in you, the app can really throw the door wide open.


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According to this app?s creator, ?There are many people with beards who like to have them stroked. And there are many people who don?t have beards, but would like to stroke them.? Bristlr?s aim is to be the link between the two.

Similar to Tinder, the app lets you browse through your potential matches, giving a yes or no based on their appearance. If you both say yes, it?ll match you up for a chat. The only requirement is that if you?re a man, you must have a beard. Women can join the dating app as well but all the men within Bristlr are going to have beards they better have a unique preference for a little hirsutism.


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This dating app?s main selling point is this: It?s run by girls. Men aren?t allowed to start to conversation. As such, women can avoid getting lots of unsolicited message from men. Bumble works after two people mutually liked each other swiping right. After that they are added to each other?s ?hive? of connections. Women have to say the first lines within 24 hours or the connection will be lost.


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As it?s name suggests, Pure is one of the most straightforward dating apps out there. It works like this: You begin by making your one-hour meeting request to people in the app. Then you get to choose or be chosen. If someone says yes, Pure will let you know right away. If you like what you see (based on photos), ?yes? back and agree on a ?time and place.

Yep, the app makes it that simple to hook up. There isn?t any chat system, no horrible pickup lines, just photos and a button for requesting more photos.


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