Best SXSW Apps: 4 Must-Have Android & iOS Apps For SXSW & Beyond

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List of the best apps to get the most out of SXSW or any other major event. (Image via

In case you?re not in the loop, South by Southwest or simply SXSW is one of the biggest multi-purpose events in the U.S. It can be broken down into three major portions: music, film, and interactive –?a set of festivals and conferences held annually in Austin, Texas.

SXSW?s ?Interactive? part is often called ?spring break for geeks,? while the other two (film and music) are the venues where you can get a glimpse of the next big things before they become the next big thing. If you want to go to the festival, sorry to say that the 10-day event has wrapped up a couple of days ago. But it?s not too late to plan for the next year?s event.

The whole experience can be a little overwhelming so you might want to get some help. Check out this list of the best must-have SXSW apps so you?ll know where to start.


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With tons of music filling the streets and clubs of Austin during SXSW, there?s a huge chance you?ll encounter songs that you?ve never heard of. Instead letting everyone know you?re the clueless newbie around, why not install Shazam and fire it up whenever a new tune is played? The app can listen to a tiny bit of any song and accurately identify the artist and even display real-time lyrics.


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This app describes itself as the ?easiest way to see live music.? If you plan on going to the nextfestival, WillCall has a feature that allows you to be RSVP?d to all of the SXSW events in one go. Once you connect the app to your Facebook account, you?ll be invited automatically to over 100 parties for free.

Hotel Tonight

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Hotel Tonight promises to give you the best last-minute deals and find hotel bookings at great prices. It?s an ideal choice if you?re trying to find a place to crash and have nothing else planned for the night. Every year, a lot of people go to SXSW to see the latest music or tech trends as well as to look for adventure. Many of them doesn?t exactly have a defined plan–Hotel Tonight will definitely be of great help in those cases.


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It may seem obvious but the festival?s official app, SXSW Go, certainly deserves a place in your smartphone or tablet. It packs a useful feature called ?Discover? where you?ll be presented with an intuitive interface showing exciting photos from the festival with all the important who, what, when, and where for all other upcoming events. It also offers the helpful Places and Maps sections where you can access the complete list of the conference?s event schedules, location and venues.


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