Top 5 Must Read Manga Titles this Month of August

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Know what?s hot and the must read manga for this month. Based on Oricon?s list of best selling manga titles from July 25 to July 31, 2016, these are the ones that made top 5.

#1 Kingdom

Kingdom is a story that takes place during the era of Warring States. Desires of men and bloodshed moved the world for more than 500 hundred years. One boy had a dream – to become the greatest general in all of China. After a series of events, this boy ends up serving under the new young king who wants to unite all of China under one flag.

Fans say that you?ll be on your toes most of the time because battles are prevalent in the story and they are fascinating to read about.

Must Read Manga

#2 Hozuki no Reitetsu / Hoozuki?s Coolheadedness

This manga is about a demon ogre Hozuki who is tasked to manage problems and employees in hell as chief deputy to the King of hell, Lord Emma. Together with his subordinates, Karauri and Nasubi, they make sure that hell is running smoothly. Presented in a traditional fashion, with familiar faces from japanese legends and mythology – this dark comedy will make hell a funny place.

Fans recommend this manga for those who like reading the episodic -type (such as Gintama). Hozuki?s sadistic comical adventure is definitely entertaining.

Must read manga

#3 Hi Score Girl

The story of Hi Score Girl centers on video game addict, Yaguchi Haruo. One day at an arcade, Oono Akira, a smart popular girl in school, slays him at ?Street Fighter II – 30 times in a row. This led them to begin a strange rivalry and friendship.

What looks like a simple story about video games and school romance is so much more as the two are entirely different people that are united by their love for video games.

Must read manga

#4 Ookiku Furikabutte /Big Windup

Big Windup is a baseball manga that follows the story of a pitcher named Ren Mihashi, who has absolutely no self-confidence, with jaded catcher, Takaya Abe, and their newly formed (inexperienced) Nishiura baseball team.

This manga series won awards such as a Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and Kodansha Manga Award. ?

must read manga

#5 Giant Killing

Fans say that this manga is like Slam Dunk meets football – this series has everything: relentless action, romance, and good character development.

Giant Killing is a story about East Tokyo United and their coach Tatsumi Takeshi who was once a star player of the team. His goal is to improve ETU?s performance amidst the lack of budget and better players.

Must read manga

Fan favorite One Piece came in at number 6 while Fairy Tail came in at number 12. So keep on reading and stay tuned here at TheBitbag for your daily dose of manga and anime.


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